Field account management - merchandising - logistics & brand activation

For more than 25 years we work close with Proximus to ensure "the perfect store"

Let's start with a quote of Didier Matgen -  Communication Manager at Proximus

Field & Concept is not just an agency specialized in merchandising & logistics, it's a solid, integrated Proximus partner. With your help, we ensure impeccable visibility in our shops & events, and control at all times. We know in real time what needs to be adapted. Thanks to your SMARTLAB and your experienced project management, nothing escapes us, and our time-to-market, so essential in our field, is guaranteed. Proximus has been "field" good to F&C for over 25 years!
We really appreciate our partnership.


Through dedicated Field Account Management and a well trained team of visual & technical merchandisers, we maintain the network of Proximus

With daily and monthly visits in own shops and at resellers, we ensure the respect of each marketing campaign instore.

The right POSM at the right place.

We guarantee:

  • the calculation of POSM to produce
  • pick & pack of POSM per POS and merchandiser
  • well organized planning of visits to ensure roll-out in max 3 days
  • logistics follow-up

  • technical visits for maintenance of devices and/or repairs
  • visibility visits for POSM
  • vitrophanie installation

  • fully digitalized approach to improve time to market via


We manage all the POSM & event materials of Proximus, going from permanent & semi-permanent to promo & marketing related materials.

Through our DIGITAL TOOLS (such as webshop), Proximus has a full view on all articles and their life-cycle in our warehouse AND in the field .

Brand activation

We support local campaigns to bring all Proximus services and products under the attention!

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