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Retail & Event Logistics

We make your logistics smart(er).

  • Warehouse Management with track & trace
  • E-shop platform
  • Tailored business model for Field force support
  • Merchandising support
  • Pick and pack activities
  • Points of sale logistics -tools and applications
  • (last-mile)deliveries & Express delivery
  • Event logistics
  • Return management (Quality control)
  • System-based quota management
  • Repair and maintenance
  • ...

Brand Awareness & Activation

Ensure a memorable first contact with the consumers.

  • Instore product demonstrations
  • Sampling instore + outdoor
  • Traffic building campaigns
  • Shop(-in-shop) staffing
  • Road shows
  • Online & offline activations in one hybrid solution
  • ...

Field Sales & Merchandising

Ensure qualitative field visits by professional teams.

  • Shelf replenishment
  • 2nd Placement
  • Remoddeling
  • Installation of POSM
  • Placement of Displays
  • Intro & push orders
  • Support promo
  • Perfect store
  • ....


We are data driven to increase (y)our time to market.

Data driven approach

100% paperless

Full digital follow-up

F&C has a data driven strategy. Data as a daily lead in our way of working ACTIONNABLE insights determine our goals, targets and focus in the market

All our teams are on the road with DIGITAL support to "check in" on their activation and to ensure a real-time reporting. Our SMARTLAB APP allows us and our partners/clients to have an immediate view on where our field teams are working. Field Sales & Merchandising teams use the APP for follow-up of planning - check-in - pictures - briefings - reporting - ticketing- etc. Field Activation teams use the APP for check-in and reporting. Brands can hence follow in real-time what happens in the field.

With our tool Raccoon, we track FOOTFALL - DWELL TIME - CONVERSIONS of our Field Marketing campaigns.

This allows us to debrief based on real DATA & to take actions to optimize ROI plans.

For example, track footfall in your retail environment to optimize the planning of instore activities & staffing.

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