Mondelez partnership

We started our collaboration in 2012 for the overall Merchandising services, being

  • shelf replenishment
  • 2nd placements
  • check-out
  • perfect store etc

Over the years we strengthen our partnership by making the business model more profitable for Mondelēz .

We managed to increase the INSTORE time spend to 90%, hence optimize the budget efficiencies.

We implemented digital solutions that enhanced the optimization of time-to-market and cost management.

In 2023 we convinced Mondelez to go toward a one-stop-shop principle with Field & Concept.

We onboarded the overall Field Marketing services and today we manage their Merchandising and Brand Activation Campaigns and the POS logistics services.

  • warehousing & stock management
  • WMS
  • online webshop
  • POS & box deliveries

We also take good care of all the instore Brand Activation Campaigns for Mondelēz International.

Main goal & objectives are introduction of new products, increase brand visibility, and ultimately drive consumer engagement and sales!

In January 2024 we organized a team-meeting with the whole field sales & merchandising team Mondelēz International.👌

In this get-together we looked back on the past achievements and challenges that we faced.

We did also align our ambitions and goals for 2024, we aim for beautiful & delicious results in the new year!

Thank you for the partnership & all the best to the teams in the Field. ♥️
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